Core Values

Wacor is founded and established on the following core values, they are the guiding principles by which all team members are expected to conduct themselves:

Honesty & Respect

Being forthright and honest with all people or organizations that Wacor interacts with ranging from clients to owners, engineers, suppliers and sub-trades.  This lends itself to always being respectful of others regardless of whether you are in agreement with their point of view or not.

Quality & Integrity

Operate with integrity at all times. Maintain the highest levels of quality that meet or exceed specifications. Continually strive to improve both quality and efficiency.


To effectively implement a strategic plan or carry out a complex project, a culture of accountability needs to be developed throughout an organization.  To achieve success everyone needs to understand the organizations strategy, their individual roles with in the company, and the specific tasks or projects that they are responsible for.


Trust is the belief and confidence in the integrity, reliability and fairness of a person or organization, it is the core value that defines our interdependence in relationships with others.