Wacor has taken a top-down approach over the years in terms of training and program implementation, starting with our owner and ending with every new recruit that comes on board.

Safety is not only a morally responsible undertaking here at Wacor, it is a necessity of the organizational culture that evokes stronger teamwork. When a crew member is able to trust the knowledge and skill set of his teammates - as they relate to safe work practices - he (or she) is able to better allocate their focus to delivering a higher standard of finished product to our customers. It is to this end that Wacor is in the process of obtaining our COR Certification, as our designated CSO has recently completed his requisite courses to become a COR Auditor.

We must lead by example in this area, as a company’s history is truly a standard measure of its competency, both in the field and in the office.

Our proven track record of safety related incidents at Wacor is a testament to the strong leadership team we have assembled, and is only maintained by the continuous efforts of all parties involved throughout our team roster. This is accomplished by utilizing internal safety committees, standard site tool box meetings, site orientations and up to date training. It is our experience that certifications related to safety are only as effective as the individuals that possess them, and are only as relevant as the people that implement their practices.

This is why safety has become a guiding principal for our management team, and is something we vigorously monitor as a function of our quality control measures. The information discussed at tool box meetings is meant to keep everyone aware of the potential safety threats we can potentially encounter on a day-by-day basis as a multi-faceted civil contracting enterprise.

As with any well-oiled machine, the more moving parts you have, the more likely an incident is to occur; by recognizing this we try to stay proactive in our determination to not only achieve our COR Certification, but to maintain an incident free work place.